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Mobile Banking
Our new mobile banking link allows members to check their balances, review their history, and transfer funds between accounts from your smart phone.  Just click on this link to get the mobile banking started on your phone. 

Online Banking
Our home banking allows members to check their balances, review their history, transfer funds between accounts, view their statements, enroll for bill payment, apply for a loan and more. To Log-in to Online Banking click here

On Line Bill Payment Through Bee-LIne Online Banking
Bill Payment lets you pay your bills online through The Queen's Federal Credit Union. You can pay virtually anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check or automatic debit, even if you do not receive bills from the company or person you want to pay. To Log-in to Bill Payment click here to get to Bee-Line Online Banking.  View demo here. We have three different programs to suit your needs.  For simple instructions on how to sign up for the trial service click here.

Credit Card Information
Want to know what you transactions are on your Queen's Classic or Gold Visa Credit Card account before your statement comes?  From the "I know what I want" drop down menu on the right side of the home page, select "Credit Card Information."  To register, enter your Credit Card Account number, answer a few questions and set up your User Name and password.   Once enrolled, you can even sign up to receive your Credit Card eStatement online.  

NOTE:  Credit card payments can be made here.  Once registered, go to online services and select Make a Payment under the Payment Center section.  If you happen to make more than one payment request in a day, only the last payment made will be processed.

Audio Response (The Queen's Tellerphone)
This is the Credit Union's 24/ 7 telephone system that allows our members to call in to inquire on their balances, history, checks paid, tax information, and our current interest rates. Members may also transfer funds between their accounts. Please call to enroll.

CheckCard (Debit)
Your CheckCard has all the capabilities of an ATM Card and more. It allows you to make purchases at merchants that accept MasterCard. You must have a Share Checking to have a CheckCard as purchases are debited from this account. To protect yourself from unauthorized and fraudulent purchases online, please sign up for MasterCard's SecureCode which requires you to enter a user defined password to authorize each transaction, click here.

Check Re-order
If you purchased your checks through the Credit Union, you can re-order your checks online. You can verify the check printer by looking at the fine print on your checks. Harland's name would be printed on the left edge of the check. To re-order your checks with Harland click here.

Direct Deposit
Automated Clearing House (ACH) is the most efficient process to make deposits and payments, especially those that reoccur each month. It's simple, safe and once its set-up, no more running to the bank to make your deposit or to the post office to make your payment. Just remember to check your monthly statements to ensure all transactions are accounted for.


updated October 30, 2012.

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