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Other Services

Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP) Program
Protection for new AND OLDER vehicles to extend your vehicle's manufacturer's warranty to cover parts and labor in the event of a breakdown.  There is a 60-day FREE look if you are undecided for 4 levels of protection:  Platinum, Gold, Silver and Copper.   The add-on can be done anytime under full warranty, within 21 days of a purchase (for new AND USED vehicles), or during open enrollment.   Ask for more information and details. 

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Waiver
Should your auto be stolen or totaled, the insurance settlement can be less than the outstanding balance of your auto loan which you would still be responsible for. The GAP Waiver is designed to cover the remaining balance of your loan that the insurance settlement does not cover.  And should you finance your next vehicle purchase with the credit union, you may receive additional funds to use as a down payment.  There is a 60-day FREE look if you are undecided.  Ask for GAP the next time you finance a vehicle.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance
The Credit Union provides a $2,000.00 AD&D Insurance to you at no cost. To participate, you must complete an enrollment form. Additional coverages up to $250,000.00 are available. Please call the credit union for a brochure and enrollment form to sign up or to increase coverage.

Credit Disability Insurance (CDI)
If you make your loan at the Credit Union, you may be eligible to take this Payment Protection insurance. It is designed to pay your loan payments (up to the contract limit) if you become ill or disabled and are unable to work. Call or come in to speak to a loan officer for more details and a brochure.

Credit Life Insurance (CLI)
If you make your loan at the credit union, you may be eligible to take this Payment Protection insurance. It is designed to payoff the insured balance (up to the contract limit) on your loan if you die. Call or come in to speak to a loan officer for more details and a brochure.

Money Orders
Members can purchase Money Orders to pay bills or to send a payment to those places that do not accept cash or personal checks. There is a nominal charge for Money Orders.

Notary Public Service
The credit union offers free notary service to our members. For non-members there is a nominal charge. Please call to schedule an appointment.

Courtesy Pay Program
Occasionally you may find yourself a little short or have miscalculated your checking account balance. In instances like these, OPP may be helpful. Members in good standing are allowed to overdraw their account up to a specified limit with an overdraft fee. It's cheaper than being charged a return check fee from the merchant AND the credit union while still ensuring that your check will be paid. It also saves you the embarrassment of a return check. Additionally, in most cases it's less costly than late fees if you utilize the program to pay for outstanding bills. Call us for more details.

Overdraft Protection
The credit union offers 2 types of Overdraft Protection on your Share Checking. The first type is a transfer from your Share Savings. The second is a transfer from a Line-of-Credit. Funds will transfer automatically from either source if an item is presented for payment and there are not sufficient funds in your Share Checking Account. There is no charge for the transfer. Please call for more details and enrollment.

Wholesale Club Membership
Members of the credit union are eligible to join Costco Wholesale and Sam's Club. Just bring proof of your credit union membership when you apply.

Wire Transfer
The credit union can wire funds to other institutions in the United States.  If we receive your request by 9:00 a.m., the funds will be sent out and in most cases credited to your account the same day. International wires are not done.

 updated May 13. 2012

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